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If you liked what you've read so far about Orion, wait until you see our work policies and our commitment to developing our team.

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Our story

First phase

Orion Foundation. Initial focus on the development of structured cabling projects and installation of telephone exchanges. Still in this first phase, project development and implementation of mission-critical environments for Data Centers and Telecommunications.

Real-time management platform for all infrastructure chapters.

Use of artificial intelligence layers to improve infrastructure maintenance and operation management.

Specialists in all areas of building and mission-critical infrastructure for buildings.

We strive to exceed our customers' expectations in a dynamic, demanding and constantly changing market. We understand that the building maintenance of the future is based on real-time data and decision-making supported by Artificial Intelligence. Our projects are guided by:

What makes the

Orion unique?

We are a technology and specialized engineering services company, fully focused on increasing the efficiency and sustainability of building infrastructure, reducing costs, ensuring availability, safety, health and well-being of users and managers.

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We understand and practice leadership in a close and genuine way. We are on the lookout for talented, dedicated and genuine people. See who makes it happen every day and works towards our mission.

Who makes it happen

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Rodrigo Mizuno

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Diretor de Novas Tecnologias

Ronaldo Moscoso

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Director of Operations

Roberpaulo Eller

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Commercial director

Arthur Coury

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Director São Paulo

Hugo Pereira

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People and Culture

Fabíola Santos

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